Restaurant of the Month

Restaurant of the Month

Impronta Cafe, Venice, Italy

The Impronta Cafe, Venice

We liked the sound of the Impronta Cafe, only a few minutes walk from out hotel in Venice. It's ranked the 14th best restaurant in the city (on TripAdvisor), but this is meaningless considering that the number 1 restaurant is not actually a restaurant, it's a sandwich bar!

The Impronta is a lively bustling boutique-style affair. Wonderfully simple and great staff. The food could easily be mistaken for michelin quality presentation but without the michelin quality portions! The food presentation is truly magnificent. We booked in advance (it is a very popular place) and dined at 8:30pm. The place was packed but service was still prompt. I could not finish my main course, there was just too much.

Unfortunately they have to lose some significant marks because the chef actually forgot our 'primo' (our first course of pasta) but this actually turned out for the best as the 'antipasto' and 'second course' turned out to be quite sufficient. Nevertheless a big mistake on their part.

Anyway, everything taken into account, even though they forgot a dish, this has to be our restaurant for February. Chao!

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