Walk of the Month

Walk of the Month

Strada Nova, Venice, Italy

Venice is basically a walking city with hundreds of fascinating streets, alleyways and bridges. But for this walk, take the long route. It avoids the rather direct(ish) route from the station to San Marco via the Rialto bridge (which is an absolute nightmare along with the neighbouring market when busy). It's all too easy to get lost in Venice unless you pay carful attention to each of the junctions you meet. Venice is and island labyrinth. Getting lost isn't too irritating, unless you have a deadline to keep to. Everywhere you go there's something to see. An elaborate puzzle for any photographer or shopper. No, instead of the Rialto, here we avoid the obvious. Instead, this is a nice circular route starting from the Piazzale Roma. It takes you through some less well known areas, each exhibiting its own beauty and charm.

The walk we describe here is approximately 3.5 miles (without deviations!).

We start from Piazzale Roma, the bus terminus and the end of the line for wheeled traffic in Venice. Avoid the new featureless glass bridge that connects the square with the railway station. Instead go east and cross a small bridge that takes you to the small and tranquil gardens of Giardino ex Papadopolo and then along the Grand Canal to Ponte degli Scalzi. Cross this bridge, facing the Hotel Bellini, and turn right along Rio Terra Lista di Spagna.

Ponte degli Scalzi

From here the route is pretty direct and curves gently as it follows a similar course to the Grand Canal.

You will eventually reach Strada Nova, a long wide street with plenty to see. In fact the entire route provides you with plenty to see. At the end of Strada Nova you will find the square Campo dei Sani Apostoli. Turn right and cross a small bridge heading south now. After another small bridge the Rialto will emerge on your right and side. Take a detour if you wish and then carry on following the course of the canal until you meet Calle dei Fabbri. Turn left here to eventually emerge in Piazza San Marco, the Basilica, Doge's Palace and the Campanile.

San Marco

From here walk west via the square of Campo Sant'Angelo (the Acqua Pazza restaurant here is a great place to stop and eat, especially if the sun is out and you're able to sit and people-watch in the square). from here it's south west through the large square Campo Santo Stefano to the Ponte dell'Accademia, a large wooden bridge across the Grand Canal. Turn right and head north through Campo S. Barnaba to cross the Rio di Ca'Foscari, with views to the Grand Canal on your right...

Rio di Ca'Foscari

Turn left when you reach the Calle dei Preti Crosera, cross a wooden bridge and follow the canal back to your starting point. Before you reach the wooden bridge which crosses the Rio San Pantalon you'll pass the Impronta Cafe. If it's the end of your day stop here for some truly spectacular food and service. We did, it's also our restaurant of the month this month.

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