Walk of the Month

Walk of the Month

Arlington Court, Devon, UK

I hand't intended for this to feature as the June walk but the rather chaotic weather over the past month or so has disrupted my walking plans. Nevertheless this has enabled me to reveal a rather good property in the vicinity that we visited by way of compensation. Arlington Court, near Barnstable in Devon, is a wonderful Regency property with a wonderful garden and extensive woodland, set in around 2,700 acres of grounds. There are numerous official walks here: "the valley", "deer park", "coot brake", "lake" and "centenary".

Arlington Court is a working estate with a number of horses. It is also home to the National Carriage Collection including the 'Speaker's State Coach', on display for the first time outside London.

Our featured walk is a short section of the Cott Brake walk. It is nicely documented on the Arlington Court website including an annotated Ordnance Survey map. From the tearoom you take a short walks across the grounds and down through "The Wilderness", a woodland area gently sloping don into the valley. This forms a nice long path through woodland where, often, there are many sculptures and interesting distractions on display. At the end of the wilderness you cross an open field and to the lake. Rather than follow the 'official' Cott Brake walk, you can cross Tucker's Bridge and return to the house.

The estate is also home to a number of extremely mature Monkey Puzzle Trees, if you're interested in trees.

Arlington Monkey Puzzle

Until next time...

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