Photo of the Month

Photo of the Month

Hawker Hurricane (BN230)

Sorry, it's not easy to show you the full extent of this picture, this very compact version is all I can basically afford on the website. This is Hawker Hurricane BN230 located in the Spitfire and Hurricane museum on the site of the RAF base at Manston in Kent. Manston closed as an RAF base on the 31 March 1999, and is now a civilian airport called London Manston. The Hurricane, and a Supermarine Spitfire, is housed in a purpose-built building adjoining the cafe on the site. This picture is a panoramic merge of three individual shots, reduced from the original size of 7707 x 2099 pixels (approximately 32in x 8in) to a width of 435 pixels.

The Hurricane Memorial

If you're a man (or boy) you may even have built a model replica of this aircraft. It features as the Airfix kit 'Hawker Hurricane Sea Hurricane MkIIc (A02096)'. You'll see the SEAC version of this aircraft on my website in the 'Collections' section. I have completed two new models (one of BN230 and a second Spitfire) but my camera is currently out for repair. Nevertheless I will update my collection photos when it returns.

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