Restaurant of the Month

Restaurant of the Month

The Gumstool Inn, nr Tetbury, Gloucestershire

The Gumstool Inn

The Gumstool Inn is part of the estate of Calcot Manor but it is a country pub in its own right. It's not easy to see from the road, being set deep within the complex winding roads and numerous car-parks of the country house estate. It's especially difficult to find within the estate when it's dark for example! Anyway, we visited on a Friday night and it was exceptionally busy, even at 8 and 9 in the evening, occupied mainly by visitors to the manor and its spa and hotel facilities. The food was exceptional and very well priced. Although it was busy and we were tucked away out of site we never felt abandoned, as can often happen. The staff were attentive and responsive. The service was efficient, polite and well presented. We plan to visit again shortly on another day of the week to experience the pub on a quieter night.

Gumstool Food

The pictures presented here are from the pub's own website. I will replace with my own copies when I have chance.

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