Photo of the Month

Photo of the Month


A really powerful photograph this month. Taken at a local church on Easter Sunday. It's been a cold and frosty year but the sun was bright this morning and the scattered distant light through one of the windows, thrown onto to the wall was beautiful. Unfortunately I only had may phone with me but the subject of the picture doesn't require a tremendous amount from a camera so I took the chance. This has simply had noise removed using Photoshop Elements but is otherwise unmodified. I think this is a rather 'deep' shot.

This was also my first use of Elements 11, having been with Elements 8, 9 and 10 for so long. I'm not sure about the new interface, clearly designed for the mass market. I always start with Lightroom 4 and do all I can there first.

Apple iPhone 5 (ISO 50, f2.4 1/150 sec)

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