Restaurant of the Month

Restaurant of the Month

Weighbridge Brewhouse, Swindon, UK

The former Archers brewery in Swindon has been purchased and refurbished to a very high standard. The Weighbridge Brewhouse, operated by the owners of the Brinkworth Three Crowns, is now a rather stylish bistro pub that's well worth a visit. Unlike the Three Crowns this is clearly an 'eatery' and anyone who's visited a Red Lobster restaurant in the US would feel at home with the style. The tables are arranged in a rather formal fashion but there is ample space with many comfortable settings.

The restaurant has to deal with a very tall and large inner-spece but with very few baffling soft elements this rather large open space can be very noisy. To complement the main restaurant however there is an 'intimate' area on the first floor overlooking the foyer and bar area. The intimate area has a significant number of tables and a comfortable pre and post dining seating area.

The staff are enthusiastic and our waiter was extremely helpful. The menu is extremely well executed and varies, as you would expect from these owners. As well as specialist dishes like those you'd find in their sister restaurant they have introduced their own speciality dishes. The belly pork deserves a special mention.

The cheese board is extensive and our waiter knew about as much as you'd want to know about the ridiculous variety of cheeses which included Stinking Bishop, Cornish Yarg and many other regional delicacies.

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