Books About Hong Kong

We've collected a number of books about Hong Kong over the years. You'll find all of them here, novels and written works, with a brief comment. We've supplied the name of the author and book number but unfortunately not all remain in print. If you're interested in 'The Barren Rock' at least one of these may be a good read. 

This is a beautiful presentation of a number of historical maps of Hong Kong and the surrounding territories. It includes maps drawn from the earliest days of the territory from 1425 up to the present day. We're not sure whether it's available any longer as it appears to be marked as 'Currently Unavailable' at most stores. We purchased our copy from the Hong Kong Government printing services around 20 years ago. It takes pride of place in the collection but needs space all to itself because it is an oversized volume.
If you need to see a historical map of the territory of Hong Kong then this volume is a must-have.
  • Author: Hal Empson, Government Information Services (HK)
  • ASIN: B001OIE88M (Currently Unavailable)

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