Books About Hong Kong

We've collected a number of books about Hong Kong over the years. You'll find all of them here, novels and written works, with a brief comment. We've supplied the name of the author and book number but unfortunately not all remain in print. If you're interested in 'The Barren Rock' at least one of these may be a good read. 

Shape of Things to ComeThis extremely specialised publication. We picked it up from the Hong Kong Government printing office on one of our visits. It contains some mouth-watering articles, photography and diagrams relating to the role of the harbour reclamations in the planned future developments in Hong Kong. There's material about the development of Hong Kong you won;t find anywhere else. It's still got it's price tag attached, HK$200, published in 1995.

  • Author: HK Planning, Environment and Lands Branch (1995)
  • ISBN:(Not Allocated)

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