Walk of the Month

Walk of the Month

Neigh Bridge Country Park, Somerford Keynes, UK

Well, this isn't just Neigh Bridge Country Park, we used the park as a base and convenient car park. The walk is about 10 or 11km (around 6 miles) through the fields, lakes and quarries in and around Somerford Keynes. There are nearly 100 small lakes in the area, all formed by the quarry work which involves extraction of stone and gravel for building materials.

Neigh Bridge 

From the car park (P) follow the lake and small stream north. After a couple of fields turn right (B) and up hill and left at the next junction and further up to the trees. You cross one road across a field to another road. At this point you enter a field but keep going across the grounds of the property, it's a public foot path. At (C) you turn sharp right and follow the edge of one quarry and then meet the top go the Cotswold Country Park. There's a bench on the North-East corner when you can take a short rest.

From here the original path is diverted around several quarries. This section can become a little tedious. It's a long walk to the Shorncote Reed Bed but you are rewarded by some great views and two hides for a spot of birding. A long path take you to the road. Here you can shorten the route by following the road south (D) until you meet the footpath again, re-entering a field. Walk up to the top of the field to find the gate and it's a pleasant walk downhill through the deserted Cotswold Community (E) and the main road. The last section, along the main road is not too bad and you can re-enter the country park and out again (F) for a walk along a cycle path back to the car park.

Somerford Keynes Fields

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