Restaurant of the Month

Restaurant of the Month

The Burj, Wanborough

The Burj is a fun little Indian restaurant near the village of Foxhill and the M4 (Junction 15). It is nestled in a rather isolated spot at the intersection of two roads and was once a public house. There is a bar area and some seating for pre-dinner drinks, if you wish. The main restaurant extends to the rear of the property and is light and airy but the restaurant can get very busy, even in the middle of the week.

As well as the customary classic Indian fare this restaurant does have some very unusual and very tasty fusion dishes. Two dishes we've tried that stand out for special mention are the "Chicken Kalimiri Chattinad" a peri-peri dish with crushed black pepper, chilli and tamarind and the "Stir Fried Chilli Chicken", a wok-fried battered chicken dish with peppers, red and spring onions. All the house specialities are superb and every dish is presented with exceptional flair.

Their website includes a video introduction to the restaurant and some short films taken in the kitchen during the preparation of a number of speciality dishes.

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