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In an attempt to read more entertaining novel and text books we present here the most recent accomplished reads. Along with each book we'll try and publish a short appraisal of the work along with details of the work we've read. After years reading technical material for career purposes we're trying to settle down now and read our way through the mass of interesting titles we've collected in the past with the hope of reading them one day.

If you read all the reviews of this book on Amazon you probably won't read the book. But it's on my bookshelf and probably won't waste as much of my time as it has some of the reviewers. After all, "one man's poison is another man's meat", as they say. It's January 6th. I might like it. I might not. Let's see...

  • Author: Kate Mosse (1961-)
  • ISBN: 978-0752877327
  • Original Publication: 2005
  • Read publication: 2006
  • Read: (in progress)
  • Read Format: Paperback (£7.99)
  • Score: TBD
Labyrinth, Kate Mosse

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