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In an attempt to read more entertaining novel and text books we present here the most recent accomplished reads. Along with each book we'll try and publish a short appraisal of the work along with details of the work we've read. After years reading technical material for career purposes we're trying to settle down now and read our way through the mass of interesting titles we've collected in the past with the hope of reading them one day.

Basically an extension to Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice. You will gain much more enjoyment out of this book if you have read or are familiar with the network or characters in Pride and Prejudice. I haven't and was much more interested in the book as a crime novel. Unfortunately, not being familiar with Austin's characters the first (and not insignificant) part of Death Comes to Pemberley is a brain-aching whirlwind (re-)introduction to Austin's characters and their relationships. This Wikipedia map of characters might help for those not familiar with Austin's work.

  • Author: P.D.James (1920-)
  • ISBN: 978-0571283576
  • Original Publication: 2011
  • Read publication: 2011
  • Read: January 2012
  • Read Format: Kobo (iPad) (£5.32)
  • Score: 200
Death Comes to Pemberley

This copy, the 'Collector's Library' edition, is a complete and unabridged reprint and was purchased in the bookshop at Whitby Abbey making it, for me, an especially important copy of the novel. The cover image I present here was taken from the Wikipedia copyright-free image of the first-edition cover as the cover of my edition is probably protected by copyright. nevertheless you can see and order your copy of the book at the Collector's Library website.

  • Author: Bram Stoker (1847-1912)
  • ISBN: 978-1904633143
  • Original Publication: 1897
  • Read publication: 2003
  • Read: November/December 2011
  • Read Format: Printed & electronic (free)
  • Score: 500
Dracula, 1st Edition Cover

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