Walk of the Month

Walk of the Month

Avebury (NT), Wiltshire, UK

We tried to do this a week or so ago but, as it was the start of the summer holidays, we found the car-park full and instead drove on to Lacock, another National trust property. Nevertheless we revisited Avebury again recently and this time were able to park and now want to add it as our walk of the month for July.

As well as the stones forming part of this World Heritage Site there's Avebury Manor and Gardens (open every day except Wednesdays). Parking is free for NT members and £5 per day for non-members in summer and £2 in winter. There's plenty of open land to walk along and a number of properties to visit in Avebury including the Manor, Shop, cafe and museum. There are some truly spectacular stones, plenty of walking and plenty of photo opportunities.

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