Restaurant of the Month

Restaurant of the Month

Cinnamon Kitchen and Anise Bar, London

Bread and Pickles

We start with a couple of drinks in the neighbouring Anise cocktail bar. It's a lovely place to start the evening. The bar and restaurant are at the end of a road immediately opposite the Liverpool Street underground station.

The restaurant is a large open space, white-washed and very noisy. They look after you very well and the service appears to be very efficient.

We star with 5 half portions of naan and three pickles (£8) after an amuse bouche. Our starters arrive quickly, consisting of Kent Lamb Kebab and Vindaloo Chicken (£8 and £6). The lamb is more spicy than the chicken, which is rather bland by comparison. Our mains are Black Leg Chicken, sea Bass and a side order of Smoked Aubergine Crush (£17, £16 and £4). We finish with a filter and espresso (£2.50 each).

Sea Bass

Our pre-dinner drinks (£13.60) and 12.5% service charge (£9.70) takes the final bill to £87.30.

A fantastic restaurant, a short walk from Liverpool Street station.

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