Sketch of the Month

Sketch of the Month

Inspired by Hockney I attempted to paint a scene from one of our regular walks, an uninhabited canal-side cottage.

Canal Cottage in Winter

I bought the Brushes app, allegedly used by Hockney for his iPad works, in order to see what could be done with it. Brushes does painting very well. The toolbox is simple and the app does not distract you by presenting everything including the kitchen sink. It provides you with up to 6 layers, 19 brush types with varying sizes and dynamics and a palette which can hold a number of favourite colours.

The app records the artwork's brushstrokes so the finished article, which is 1024x768 at its original resolution, can be replayed on a Mac up to six times larger. In this way you can print up your creations on a large canvas without apparent loss in resolution. The canal-side cottage is really fantastic at 6144x4608 pixels! Easily printed at 30in x 23in (200dpi).

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