Sketch of the Month

Sketch of the Month


Here I have reproduced a pen drawing I made many years ago for a Cirencester Car Club rally event. That picture featured on the cover of their road book. Here I used Sketchbook Pro on the iPad 2 and its 'mirror' feature to re-draw the artwork. Once the basic pencil drawing was complete I added some colour on separate layers to bring the drawing to life.

If you're in doubt this is my Talbot Sunbeam, full cage, conway tyres, spots, driving lights, strut brace and sump guard. The Sunbeam is rear wheel drive, which can be seat-of-your-pants stuff at times (especially in snow and mud). As long as you can handle the over-steer you're fine. I rolled it doing a car-club reconnaissance during my degree in Nottingham and my co-driver was annoyed he wasn't in the car at the time! Now I drive a Volvo - because life's too short - at least that's what the advert tells me.

I'm happiest with these rather simple geometric diagrams. Maybe something more complex next time? What do you think?

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